L’ORIGEN’s own methodology is one with which we want people to participate and carry out actions to combat climate change.

When and how did this arise?

Through daily work with different equipment and different areas, it was discovered that if we addressed users, workers and all the agents involved in informing and looking for their participation, we achieved immediate results with a lasting legacy.
For this reason, in mid-2016 we decided to structure this methodology and provide it with appropriate graphics. This participatory and dynamic aspect would be REM.


What objectives does it have?

Obtaining the implication of the agents involved through information and participation, always in a dynamic way and with technical findings of the results achieved with actions to combat climate change that have been made: saving energy consumption, reducing pollution etc.


What has L’Origin achieved with RE-M?

With RE-M, L’Origen has managed to be a catalyst that has accelerated changes of attitude and predisposition leading to important results in the various campaigns carried out.


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